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Official Taiko Namecard.

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Official Taiko Namecard. Empty Official Taiko Namecard.

Post by まきお on Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:35 am

If you happen to see anyone of us flashing a Taiko namecard, as seen in this picture here, he/she is definitely from this forum. Thus its much easier to recognize one another XD

The first wave of Taiko namecards given to senior members and recent members has been quite successful and the forum has gained more recognition. And so, I've decided to continue printing namecards for everyone as long as I am able to do so for now. It will look something like this:

Official Taiko Namecard. Sample

The main word on the card is your desired name, and the personal details in yellow are optional information which you can choose not to include. The card is for you to keep and display on yourselves whenever we have Taiko group outings or events like the recent Taiko competition. And of course, please look after your own cards. And I can also print for those who want multiple cards to give away to new potential members XD

Personal Taiko namecard - $0.50
Additional namecards - 8 for $3.00
Loss of Personal Taiko namecard - $1.50 for replacement

Yes, I understand it may look a little costly to most of you, which is why I still need everyone's support in helping me source for a cheaper printing shop which will also offer cutting as well. XD

And yeah, still looking forward to the Taiko T-shirts as well as the Taiko badge too Shocked

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